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HSE (in the traditoin of Thomas Hanna) clients who prefer an alternative option than massage (but can also be integrated with massage). It is a safe, gentle and common sense approach to reverse chronic pain. It is an effective form of neuromuscular (mind-body training) movement re-education. Client will learn to regain both awareness, sensation, and motor control of muscles — an educational process that can be achieved through movement. Through Somatic Education the brain will learn how to relax and move muscles properly. The benefits of Somatic Education is to release or reverse neuromuscular pain, improve mobility, strength, coordination, posture, and appearance. It also can relieve chronic aches and disabilities associated with as: headaches, sciatica, painful joints and muscles, neck, shoulder and back pain, hip, knee and foot pain, repetitive use injuries, poor posture, accident traumas and whiplash, breathing problems, and frozen shoulder syndrome.

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